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The law firm has fantastic attorneys

“The law firm has fantastic attorneys. From day 1, they showed genuine care for me and my situation. Mark Gomez and his team helped me focus on the most important outcome: the welfare of my family. They work efficiently, are approachable, responsive, and super sharp, while at the same time making sure we were ok throughout the whole process. Everyone is amazing to watch in court! If only I had their help sooner when I first started going through my hardships.
The bank had intentionally lied to me and deceived me into falling behind on my loans only to try to foreclose my house. I tried to fight back but to no avail. They thought they had succeeded until I hired Gomez Law, APC. They were able to turn the entire situation around and won my case.

They also helped me with some of my other personal matters.

I am very happy and beyond satisfied for these people helping me. I highly recommend Gomez Law, APC to anyone who is need of help.”

-Jenny Yu – Wrongfully Foreclosed – Reached Confidential Settlement with Bank

I HIGHLY recommend this firm.

"I HIGHLY recommend this firm. They successfully litigated a complex ,multi level case for us against a monolithic financial institution. They were attentive, accessible, and professional. In a case such as ours, there were many turns all of which Mark Gomez and his staff redirected in our favor.”

-Donald Slaughter - Real Estate Litigation

The firm handled our case,

“The firm handled our case, kept us informed, and gave us a real sense of comfort during a very dark period. We would recommend them without reservation.”

-Tully, B

When I came to Gomez Law, APC, I knew that

“When I came to Gomez Law, APC, I knew that I could not get my home back, but I was hoping to stay in my home as long as possible. I met with Mr. Simone, and he told me that the Firm would use every trick in the book to keep me in my home for up to six months if possible. “

-Pat R. - Tenant Eviction Defense

When I came to Gomez Law, APC

“When I came to Gomez Law, APC I had been denied for a new loan modification by Bank Of America a half dozen times, and had a sale date looming. What I needed was time, because I had a business deal in the works that would improve my financial situation. My attorney filed a lawsuit, and after nearly two years I Reinstated my loan at a very low rate. I was seriously considering letting the house go, but now I am so thankful to Gomez Law, APC because the property values in my neighborhood are skyrocketing and I still own my home.”

-Brian A. - Foreclosure Defense

Our 2nd position mortgage lender had filed a Judicial

“Our 2nd position mortgage lender had filed a Judicial Foreclosure lawsuit against me, and was determined to take my house when we contacted Gomez Law, APC. We believe their plan was to rent it out and pay off the first mortgage. We had several other properties with mortgages so we could not file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop the sale or strip off their lien. By the time Gomez Law, APC was done, the foreclosure was dismissed got me a settlement that paid off my attorney’s fees with money left over for ourselves.”

-John & Patricia B. - Judicial Foreclosure

Six years ago I filed for Bankruptcy

"Six years ago I filed for Bankruptcy and received my discharge. My 2nd Mortgage lender sent me a 1009-C and told me several times that my mortgage was “charged off,” and that I did not need to pay them. Six years later, I got a letter from the credit union demanding that I pay off my entire balance to them or they would sell my home at foreclosure auction. Gomez Law, APCe filed a lawsuit and began negotiating a settlement. The settlement paid off my attorney’s fees, reinstated my loan with monthly billing statements, and all late fees and interest for the past six years were forgiven."

-Patricia E. -2nd Mortgage Foreclosure Defense

Mark Gomez took my case on a contingency

“Mark Gomez took my case on a contingency which I was so thankful and the outcome was successful. He was one lawyer who never rushed me off the phone and took his time explaining details of my case and the steps involved. His communication was exceptional and he and his staff are very competent and professional. He wasn’t intimidating as some lawyers can be which made it very comfortable for me. The case moved along pretty smooth and he knew the right angle to take when necessary. I would highly recommend Mark Gomez of Gomez Law, APC!”

-Charisse Rinaldi – Confidential Settlement reached with Ocwen Loan Servicing March 2015.

I was the victim of an illegal foreclosure

“I was the victim of an illegal foreclosure and was facing the imminent prospect of being evicted from my own home. My lender strung me along with the promise that my loan would be modified and that my home would not be sold during that process. Then, my lender initiated the foreclosure process, while at the same time, failed to even review my loan mod, and subsequently, sold my home. Gomez Law, APC not only helped me defend my eviction action, but more importantly, filed a wrongful foreclosure lawsuit so that I could get back on title to my home. Both the managing partners, Mark Gomez, aggressively fought for my case, always made sure that I knew what my options were, and got me the results I wanted.”

-Laura Barraza

When we approached Gomez Law, APC,

"When we approached Gomez Law, APC, we had a Sale Date only days away and did not know what to do. Gomez Law, APC filed a lawsuit against our lender, and in the end we had a 2% loan, our attorney’s fees were paid for, and we even got some cash."

-Carlos & Lupe C. -Foreclosure Defence

I have a large house in a gated community

"I have a large house in a gated community that I found myself very underwater in. Fortunately, I found a buyer who really wanted the property and my realtor and I began the short sale process with the bank. Unfortunately, the HOA was extremely impatient and set a foreclosure date for my house. It was only a few days away when I found Gomez Law, APC. The only thing left on such short notice was to file a bankruptcy, which they did. The firm’s Ashlie Fox also been working with the lender’s bankruptcy and short sale departments to help remove the several fraudulent liens that unscrupulous “foreclosure services” had placed on my property to stop prior sales without my knowledge or authorization."

-John H. -HOA Foreclosure Defense And Lien Removal

I came to Gomez Law, APC after

“I came to Gomez Law, APC after I had already filed a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. However, I did not believe I could keep my home, and stated on my bankruptcy petition that I would surrender my home. Long story short, not only am I still in my home, but I have a modified loan at 2% interest. Unbelievable.”

-Paul B. - Foreclosure Defense

We own a property with two houses on it;

“We own a property with two houses on it; our family lies in the front house, and we rent out the back house. When we came to Gomez Law, APC, our tenants had filed three separate legal actions against us in three courts, and things looked hopeless. Other attorneys told us to either abandon our property or wait for foreclosure from the bank; they said the tenants would win $16,000 or more from us in relocation fees, plus the entire second house would need to be demolished. These horrible tenants were so sure they would take us for everything we had, and we were overwhelmed, intimidated and scared.

Gomez Law, APC sent a representative with us to small claims court, defended us in family court and stopped a restraining order from being granted against us, negotiated with the city rent control department who wanted us to tear down the back house and pay these tenants moving and lodging expenses, filed an Unlawful Detainer (UD) lawsuit against the tenants, and had the tenants evicted without any moving costs from us. The outcome was far beyond our expectations. Not only are we still living in our home, we now have new paying renters and the nightmare of the old tenants is behind us. “

-Maria & Moises R. - Landlord with Nightmare Tenants

I was facing imminent foreclosure

"I was facing imminent foreclosure when I came to Gomez Law, APC. We decided that Chapter 13 Bankruptcy was the best option for me, and it was. Not only do I have no fear of foreclosure, but Gomez Law, APC went to court and completely wiped out my second mortgage forever!"

--Sharon D. -Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

My parents took out a reverse mortgage, and

"My parents took out a reverse mortgage, and when they passed away, the lender set a foreclosure sale date for the home. No matter how many times I contacted them, offering to pay them whatever they wanted to stop the foreclosure, they would refuse to take my money, and they refused to work with the lender who had pre-approved my purchase of the home. Finally in sheer frustration I hired Gomez Law, APC, and after months of contentious negotiations by Thomas Mason, the lender finally stopped trying to sell my house and now I own the house with a new lender. And the attorney’s fees were paid through the sale, so I ended up with no out-of-pocket expense. Words cannot express the Joy that I feel today waking up in my home."

-Suzette L. -Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure

I had a longtime nightmare relationship with

"I had a longtime nightmare relationship with a small mortgage lender. They kept foreclosing on me, then every year would force me to re-negotiate my loan with them to stay in the house. They knew they had a good thing going with me, because when I finally decide to put my home up for sale, they refused to work with the buyer and forced the sale to fall through. When I met my lawyer all I wanted to do was leave this house, but it felt like it was impossible and I felt trapped. I wanted to get out of the house without a foreclosure or bankruptcy on my record, but I wanted to keep my costs down. So the attorney negotiated with this small private lender and eventually got me a Deed In Lieu and $9,000 in cash."

-Shari S. -Deed In Lieu