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Gomez Law, APC is your dependable team of local civil litigation attorneys who are ready to provide legal services to seek a resolution to your civil litigation matter. Whether you have a breach of contract case, a small business litigation case, or a complex multi-party Fraud case, we are here to advocate on your behalf.

If you are looking to file a lawsuit or need a strong defense in Los Angeles, California, or the surrounding areas of Culver City, Venice, Ontario, and Glendale, California, contact us today to schedule a free, 30-minute consultation.

What Is Civil Litigation?

Civil Litigation is a non-criminal legal dispute or complaint between two or more parties. In criminal cases, the focus is jail time or other penalties. Civil litigation allows for monetary compensation for damages or a specific remedy that is not criminal sanctions. Los Angeles civil litigation attorneys usually represent either plaintiffs or defendants throughout the entire process from pre-litigation negotiations to the filing of a lawsuit, discovery, trials, arbitrations, mediations, and even hearings before administrative boards for various licenses or other disputes.

Litigation is also a means of compelling someone to take or refrain from certain actions. Often, before resorting to litigation, people and businesses try other means to resolve the dispute in question. Mediating a legal issue or negotiating an issue through your attorney is generally recommended as litigation itself can be stressful and expensive depending on the dispute. If you are wanting to sue an individual or are being sued and are in need of fierce and experienced civil litigation attorneys in the Los Angeles, California area, contact us today.

Why Choose Our Team?

At Gomez Law, APC, we make it a priority to be accessible to our clients, responding and answering their questions, keeping them up to date and informed, and empowering them to resolve their legal disputes. We handle all types of civil litigation matters. For years, we have been successfully litigating on behalf of our clients and achieving favorable outcomes.

Contact our office today to schedule a free, 30-minute consultation. Our skilled team of local attorneys has handled and won cases throughout California including Los Angeles, California, or the surrounding areas of Culver City, Venice, Ontario, and Glendale, California.

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In-Depth Civil Litigation
Services in California

Civil litigation can cover a variety of different areas. We are dedicated to providing you with thorough information and advocacy. Here are some of the civil litigation services:

  • Breach of Contract

  • Commercial Litigation

  • Partnership Litigation

  • Fraud & Misrepresentation

  • Unfair Business Practices Section 17200

  • Labor & Employment Issues

  • Construction Issues

  • Business Litigation

  • Injunctions & Restraining Orders

  • Arbitrations

  • Administrative Actions

  • Pleadings

  • Discovery

  • Depositions

  • Mediations

  • Trials, Settlements, & Appeals

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To better serve our diverse clientele, we made sure that our office has employed English and Spanish-speaking attorneys and staff members. Do not hesitate to contact us with your civil litigation needs.

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Litigation is messy, time-consuming, stressful, and can have a large negative impact on your life. If you are involved currently in a civil suit and have questions about what you are doing or what approach to take, call today to meet with one of our Attorneys. Our fiduciary duty is to protect your rights and your future. We strive to take that worry off your shoulders and start fighting to protect your rights. If you are facing a lawsuit or wish to file a lawsuit, contact us at Gomez Law, APC today to schedule a free, 30-minute consultation. We are located in Los Angeles, California, and are proud to serve individuals throughout the neighboring areas of Culver City, Venice, Ontario, and Glendale, California.