Real Estate Agents Not Acting in Your Interest

Another problem in real estate transactions involves disputes with real estate agents. Agents are licensed and have significant responsibilities to their principals, buyers or sellers. For instance, before execution of a residential sales contract, the seller and seller’s broker must deliver the statutory real estate transfer disclosure statement to the buyer, which contains a checklist to give notice of problems or potential problems with the property. Civil Code § § 1102.3 1102.6. Similarly, Buyer's broker could be liable for failing to investigate and understand the implication of a report related to the property. In other words, Buyer’s agent has a duty of more than simply acting as a conduit of information.

Real estate agents are paid based on a commission from the sale, and their goal is to move for a sale. However, it is possible that an agent may omit to act in buyer’s or seller’s best interest while trying to close the transaction. 

Over the years, Gomez Law, APC real estate attorneys helped its clients to protect their rights against real estate agents’ conduct below the standard or intentional wrongs to maximize their personal benefit. Hire us to protect your rights against real estate brokers that harmed you.

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