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With today’s difficult economy and an unstable real estate market, we understand the need to hire the best Los Angeles Real Estate Attorneys. More and more Americans have lost their homes in the last few decades due to the vulnerability of the market. This is why it’s essential to know there are skilled professionals in the field of foreclosure law and mortgages. Southern California has a law firm with talented real estate attorneys waiting to help.

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When it comes to Mortgage Law & Loan Modification Litigation, our experienced and passionate Real Estate Attorneys will effectively litigate your case, whether in State or Federal Court. Our Attorneys do the research, motions, and negotiations necessary to get you the results you deserve.

The attorneys at Gomez Law, APC have accomplished a lot in this particular field for both homeowners and small lenders. These accomplishments include filing one of the first few restraining orders under the Homeowner Bill of Rights and winning major published legal decisions which other lawyers and judges follow.

Even if keeping your home is impossible or not in your best interest, we can advise you on how to handle the situation with your best financial, familial, and personal interests in mind.

Loan Modifications – Although easy to submit, oftentimes the difficult part is getting the bank to actually provide a good faith review of them. Filing a lawsuit is your right and oftentimes you will be entitled to attorney fees plus damages for violations by the bank, including failure to meet with you and discuss options to avoid foreclosure!

With a dedicated and experienced staff of legal professionals at your service, we provide countless years of education and expertise as well as a compassionate and personal touch you won’t find at most firms. In applying foreclosure law, our staff utilizes the most cutting-edge legal strategies to protect you. For example, when California’s “Homeowner’s Bill Of Rights” (HBOR) became effective on January 1, 2013, G&S Law was already well-versed in the new legislation, and immediately began filing HBOR-based lawsuits.

In re Raymond VARGAS, Debtor – World War II Veteran was under threat of being foreclosed and evicted based on documents where his name was forged. The case illustrated the fraud that bank employees would commit to increasing their own bonuses. Today Mr. Vargas still lives peacefully in his home.

Judicial Foreclosure Los Angeles – Our client sold their motel with a carry-back second. The buyer refused to pay the second and cited revenue numbers that were “misrepresented” by our clients. We filed the judicial foreclosure action and reached a settlement with the buyers where the second lien was enforced.

Valbuena v. Ocwen – He sold Plaintiff’s home without reviewing the loan modification submitted, also known as “dual tracking”! The trial court ruled against the Plaintiffs. Our clients appealed and we won in the Court Of Appeals. He was forced to settle the case under confidential settlement terms that Plaintiff was extremely happy with. The case has been published and used as a template by number of other Consumer Attorneys who frequently call and ask for our advice.

Roche v. Wells Fargo – Homeowner incurred over $2 million in damages from Wells Fargo’s blatant Dual Tracking violations. In addition, through discovery, Gomez Law, APC deposed a Wells Fargo employee who admitted to their complex Bonus system which penalized him if loan modifications were submitted to underwriting and later determined to be incomplete, thereby incentivizing him to demand unnecessary documents, not in Plaintiff’s control. He also admitted to little to no training received on the issue of Dual Tracking or requiring unnecessary documents.

Pre-Foreclosure cases – This team of lawyers has stopped dozens of foreclosures by filing lawsuits and going to court ex parte to have the court file injunctions; the vast majority of these cases have resulted in settlements where our clients get out of default, stay in their home with reduced payments, and get cash on top of that. The team has expert loan modification analysts and a bankruptcy department in-house. We will go through all of your loss mitigation options, as sometimes a Chapter 13 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy is preferable to civil litigation. G&S truly is your one-stop homeowner’s legal shop.

If you need a team of lawyers that are experienced and effective in Mortgage & Foreclosure law and ready to fight for you, then please call our office for a Free Consultation * today!

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Find the Best Mortgage Foreclosure Attorney Who Is Adept at California Real Estate Law

While it is certain that fewer homes in the State of California are being subjected to foreclosure due to the presence of the California Bill of Rights for Homeowners, it cannot be denied that the state is still among the states with the highest foreclosure rates. With the complexity of the foreclosure laws California has, it is imperative to seek legal assistance only from the top foreclosure lawyers in the State, particularly when dealing with the following:

Know the Review Period For the Pre-Closure Loss Mitigation

When the servicing rules laid out by the Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau took effect on January 10, 2014, it enforced a law that compels mortgage services to wait until payment delinquency reaches 120 days prior to sending the first official notice. The same waiting or review period is likewise required prior to the filing of any non-judicial or judicial foreclosure under the real estate law California has. This period is crucial in reviewing all possible options. During this period, you should take measures on how to completely turn the process around.
Another important facet of the Pre-Foreclosure procedure is the set of requirements for borrower outreach. This fundamentally means that the Real Estate Law California requires the servicer to personally speak to the borrow ( or over the phone) at least 30 days prior to the official recording of the Notice of Payment Default.

Note that the receipt of the said Notice is the official start of the foreclosure proceeding. The call is a vital part of the process as it would allow the servicer to assess your current financial situation and to determine the options you may exhaust before foreclosure becomes final. At this phase, our top foreclosure lawyers can assist you in responding to the servicer which may include making an official request for the subsequent meeting within 14 days.

Hiring the best foreclosure lawyers California has can immensely help you in the discussion of options as well as in the assessment of your situation. Struggling homeowners should also understand that there are several legal ways to stop a foreclosure and with the help of an experienced foreclosure lawyer, you could be guided on how to save your precious property.

You Are Not Alone – Our Foreclosure Mortgage Attorneys Are Here to Help You

Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone! Between 2008 and 2011, approximately 815,000 homes were lost to foreclosure. The California legislature took action, and Governor Jerry Brown signed into law The Homeowners Bill of Rights on July 11, 2012, which is a complex but powerful statute that G&S can expertly use to your advantage. Have reputable real estate Los Angeles attorneys has by your side and take action.

With the complexity of foreclosure law, Southern California is fortunate to have the extraordinary team at Gomez Law, APC to rely upon and to turn to for knowledgeable, practical, down-to-earth legal advice. We offer convenient office hours five days a week, with a legal staff fluent in several languages, including Spanish and Korean, who will work with you to make sure you understand the process and advise you as to all of your available options, each and every step of the way. Call our top real estate Los Angeles attorney for your Free Consultation *, and let us help protect your family’s most valuable asset… your home!