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What Are Real Estate Transactions?

Real estate transactions occur where there is an agreement between a buyer and seller for the purchase and sale of real property. Such transactions are governed by both federal and state law, in addition to whatever terms are agreed upon within the sales contract. While the primary parties to the transaction are the buyer and seller, typically there are at least real estate agents and mortgage lenders involved. This introduces additional risks for disputes since these third parties may not always be the most competent or have your best interest at heart.

When Will I Need to Hire an Attorney to Represent Me During a Real Estate Transaction?

Whether you’re the buyer or seller, the complex, pricey, and somewhat risky nature of real estate transactions unfortunately makes it all too easy for disputes to arise. The most common types of disputes that arise include a seller wanting to back out of the sale due to a change of heart, the buyer wanting to back out of the sale due to being unable to secure a loan, or either party seeking to enforce what they claim is a term to the contract.

In the event you should ever find yourself in a disagreement with the other party to a real estate transaction, whether or not a written agreement has already been signed, don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer to learn about your rights and effectively protect them.

The most important way you can protect yourself even before hiring counsel, however, is to document everything in writing. Every step of the transaction, every orally agreed upon change to the written contract, every communication with the other party should all be documented for your records and stored for safe-keeping.

What Kind of Real Estate Transaction Disputes Does Gomez Law, APC Handle?

While the following is not an exhaustive list, we handle many types of real estate transaction legal matters, including:

  • For sale by owner transactions

  • For purchase by homebuyer transactions

  • Negotiations and contingency removals

  • Preparation of closing documents

  • Leasehold disputes

  • Use occupancy agreements

  • Eminent domain proceedings for landowners and businesses

and plenty more. If you or someone you know is unsure about how to proceed with a certain real estate transaction, contact us for a consultation.*

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