Pedestrian and Bicycle Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles, California

Pedestrians and bicyclists have the least amount of physical protection of anyone on the road. Unfortunately, they are no match for the cars and trucks they share the space with. The impact from a collision between a pedestrian or bicyclist and a vehicle can be devastating. At Gomez Law, we are here to help you through such an ordeal.

Anything can happen at a moment’s notice, especially when a vehicle is involved. Pedestrians and bicyclists can fall victim to catastrophic and debilitating injuries such as brain damage, disfigurement, spinal cord injuries, internal bleeding, coma, burns, amputations, and injuries leading to death.

Allow Gomez Law to step into your shoes and fight for you. At our firm, we understand the devastating and long-term effects of such an accident. We will demand that the other party compensates you for your injuries and mental anguish.

If you are the family member of a pedestrian or bicyclist who is incapacitated or who lost their life after a vehicle collision, we are here to build the strongest possible case for your loss. You deserve to be compensated for all that the accident has taken from you.

How Can Gomez Law Help You?

Gomez Law will stop at nothing to gather evidence to support any of your valid claims. We will fight to show how the other party is liable to you for your damages. Whether the case can be settled out of court it requires litigation, Gomez Law wants you to leave the situation with the best possible outcome. Our Attorneys will demand that the party responsible for your damages pays for important expenses such as:

  • Permanent Disabilities

  • Permanent Disfigurements

  • Medical Expenses of the Past and Future

  • Loss of Income in the Past and Future

  • Mental Trauma and Anguish

  • Pain and Suffering

  • Wrongful Death

Your accident as a bicyclist or pedestrian matters, so let Gomez Law assist you with your legal claims today!