Dog Bite Attorneys in Los Angeles, California

Each Dog Bite case is unique, and Gomez Law can help you figure out the specific details and damages affecting your case. Let us help you calculate what you may be owed in the case of a dog bite claim.

We understand that its scary enough to have to go through an attack from an animal, so let us take on the case for you. We can help to seek damages for things such as:

  • Medical bills

  • Pain and Suffering

  • Loss of Income

  • Permanent disabilities

  • And more!

At Gomez Law, we adore dogs! When an owner is negligent and violates a leash law or fails to protect you from an aggressive dog, however, they should be held responsible. Allow us to step in for you and get what you deserve from the terrifying encounter you had with a dog.

Common Dog Bite Liability Complexities

Determining who is liable for your dog bite can get muddled. Luckily, attorneys at Gomez Law are ready and able to guide you through toward compensation. For example, we can help you overcome the other party’s possible claim that you provoked the animal or that you were negligent. We can also help you get compensation for your child if they were the victim of the attack. Additionally, if it was your employer who owned the dog who attacked you, we can seek remedies through the labor code as well.

You don’t have to suffer in silence. Call Gomez Law today to hire an attorney who will go to battle on your behalf and achieve for you the compensation you deserve.