Your Southern California Attorneys

GOMEZ SIMONE Feb. 25, 2017

Your Southern California Attorneys

We just sent out our first email newsletter of 2017 to spread the word regarding all of the various areas we currently cover, and we do cover a lot. But the easiest way to remember us: We are your Southern California Attorneys, if you need to file a lawsuit, respond to a lawsuit or file any papers in court then we can help! We hope to be the only Attorney phone number you need to know! Here is a snippet of what was in our Newsletter:

  • Real Estate Litigation
    (Quiet Title, Foreclosures, Fraud)

  • Real Estate Transactions
    (Grant Deeds, Purchase Agreements)

  • Bankruptcy
    (Discharge Debts, Avoid Foreclosure)

  • Family Law
    (Divorce, Marital Agreements, Support)

  • Estate Planning
    (Wills, Trusts & LLC’s)

  • Probate
    (Administering Probate & Trust Litigation)

  • Criminal Defense
    (DUI, Drug Arrests)

  • Personal Injury
    (Car Accidents, Wrongful Death)

  • Employment Law
    (Overtime, Wrongful Termination)

  • General Civil Litigation

$795.00 Ch.7 starting price plus filing fees and credit counseling.
Wills & Trusts Package:
Lifetime Wills & Trusts Package:
Pre & Post-Nuptial Agreements:
$1,495.00 starting price.

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By: Mark A. Gomez, Esq.