Why It Is Vital to Contact Civil Law Attorneys for Your Minor Injury?

GOMEZ LAW March 9, 2019

It’s important to contact civil law attorneys even for your minor injury is vital for your case. But first, let us define what a minor injury is. Sprain, strain, contusion, and whiplash can be considered a minor injury. If you sustained partial leads of ligaments, dislocation of a joint and tendons, then these injuries are minor.

If you sustained an injury to the spine but it is not a fracture, then it is just a minor injury. If you are insured, your insurer can pay you a flat fee for your medical care expenses. You might think that it is sufficient for your case.

Thus, you might not want to consider hiring or consulting civil law attorneys. What you do not know is that you can obtain the maximum amount of benefits that you deserve. If you are not sure about it, then it is vital that you talk to one of our civil law attorneys at Gomez and Simone law firm. Many of us would just shrug off our minor injuries. After all, you are still alive and can go to work. But a civil law attorney can help you claim your maximum benefits. Our attorneys will ask you some questions to determine whether it is vital to pursue a case based on the liability of the other side. We will assess your injury and its extent so we will know whether it will affect you in the future. Keep in mind that some minor injuries may cause intense pain in the future. They may also result in expensive medical fees. By working with a civil law attorney, you will know the degree of your injury. And that injury might result in pecuniary losses. You might need to pay for your physiotherapy, housekeeping, etc.

However, it is vital to remember that not all minor injury cases are worth pursuing. Then again, many instances where the minor injury is more significant than it was originally thought. As mentioned earlier, the full extent of the injury might not be obvious. You may think that it is just a shoulder pain. But it is actually a tear in your rotator cuff. For that reason, it is important to work with a civil law attorney so you will have a team to work with you and make proper investigation. In that way, more serious injuries can be uncovered earlier. Never sign a “release” paper without first consulting an attorney. Remember that after signing it, you cannot make a new claim from the injuries you sustained.

Some of our clients at Gomez and Simone law encountered situations where we recommend seeking further medical attention. In those instances, the injuries were more serious than it was originally thought. Never sign your insurer’s settlement or assessment of the damage without first consulting a civil law attorney. The insurance adjuster may give you details about the most adequate compensation for your injuries. Consult our civil law attorneys first to better assess your situation. Contact Gomez and Simone law office.