Why Do You Need a Mortgage Foreclosure Attorney?


More than ever, Americans are losing their homes due to the unpredictable nature of the real estate market. If you are facing foreclosure, you need legal representation.

You may feel like you can handle your foreclosure case yourself, but the process presents numerous challenges.

As such, you may require an attorney to help you navigate the case.

When Do You Need a Mortgage Foreclosure Attorney?

There are several reasons why you may need legal representation in mortgage and foreclosure. These include:

  • You have limited legal options but want to keep your property: an attorney may help you keep your home by assisting with the negotiation with your lender.

  • You have served in the military: Whether you currently serve in the military or you have done in the past, you can meet with an attorney to protect against foreclosure under the Service members Civil Relief Act.

  • You have a valid defense: A foreclosure attorney can figure out if a lender has made any mistakes with your account, has the legal right to foreclose on you, or if they have followed the proper procedures.

  • You are a small lender: A foreclosure attorney can also help you in mortgage and foreclosure cases if you are a lender.

How Can Gomez and Simone Help?

If you are based in Los Angeles, Gomez and Simone can expertly litigate your State or Federal Court case. Our attorneys take care of all the appropriate research, negotiations, and motions that will earn you a favorable result, whether you are a homeowner or a small lender.After all, the State of California has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country, despite the California Bill of Rights for Homeowners. California foreclosure laws are complex – if you want to stand the best chance of navigating them successfully, you need competent and dedicated legal assistance.

What Mortgage and Foreclosure Cases Do We Handle?

If you require legal assistance, we have years of experience in the following case types:

  • Judicial Foreclosures (Defendants and Plaintiffs)

  • Foreclosure Prevention Consultants Violations

  • Stop Mortgage Fraud

  • Predatory Lending Violations

  • Home Equity Purchases Violations

  • Enforcing A Judgment

  • Surplus Funds & Interpleaders

Here at Gomez and Simone, we will review your real estate situation and develop a comprehensive legal strategy to get the results you deserve. We believe in treating each client with respect, compassion, and commitment. We are prepared to fight for your rights and protect your home.