Who to Call Before You Contact a Lawyer.


The state of California has governing agencies regulating landlords to keep properties habitable and protecting tenants’ rights. If you are facing disagreement or dispute with your landlord, and they go beyond reasonable behavior, such as turning off power and water to your apartment or home, or entering the premises without permission when you are not home, contact these agencies to report any violations.

Reporting violations to these agencies, build and support your case if matters escalate and you do need to retain an attorney.

California Association of Code Enforcements, Building and Safety
Los Angeles County Building and Safety (lacounty.gov).

Managed by LA County Public Works Los Angeles County Building and Safety provides services ensuring safe building design, construction, and approval of completed building projects and provides code enforcement, since the establishment of County building codes and standards in March 1933. Building and Safety provides building permits, review and monitor design, construction, installation, demolition and maintenance of privately owned buildings and structures by enforcing the County’s codes and regulations. Violations of the County of Los Angeles Building codes on private properties are directed to Code Enforcement and cases are initiated first with an administrative action which can extend to civil, even criminal prosecution.

  • Typical cases are unsafe buildings, unpermitted work, or non-inspected work.
    buildings which have become structurally unsafe due to deterioration to the foundation constituting immediate hazard to health safety or public welfare.

  • Unsafe Buildings: Buildings which have lost structural integrity constitute an immediate hazard to health, safety and public welfare.

  • Unpermitted Work: All construction, alterations, or demolitions including installation of plumbing, electrical or mechanical require approved permits, including unfinished projects for which the permits have expired.

La County Public Health Department,
La County Department of Public Health.

  • Pertaining to the conditions of a person’s home, this includes the physical and social environment surrounding the home or apartment, such as air quality, home safety or the presence of mold, asbestos, or lead. A home or apartment in bad condition will negatively affect a person’s health and can potentially result in chronic disease, injury, or poor mental and physical health. It is the responsibility of the homeowner, property owner or landlord to maintain houses and apartment buildings to ensure a health and safe living space.

Housing Authority of The City of Los Angeles
Welcome to Lacda.

Established in 1938 by the City of Los Angeles resolution no. 1241., Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) is one of the nation’s largest leading public housing authorities. HACLA provides the largest supply of quality affordable housing to the residents of the City of Los Angeles.
HACLA offers programs to specifically aid in protecting low income, homeless, disabled, children and seniors from being taken advantage of, especially during the Covid 19 Moratorium enacted in March of 2020.