Understanding Our Affordable Attorney Fees at Gomez Law, APC: Your Guide to Real Estate Legal Costs

Written by Mark A. Gomez, Esq., Edited by Alexandra Blair March 14, 2017

A common question we receive from new callers and during Free Consultations* is: What are your real estate legal fees at Gomez Law, APC?

Depending on the type of case, we offer several payment arrangements:

Payment Options:

Hourly Retainer

  • Deposit: $3,500-$5,000

  • Description: This is the standard payment option for litigation cases. The client pays a deposit upfront to begin the matter and receives a monthly invoice. Most attorneys require a deposit before fully reviewing a case, and deposits typically range from $3,500 to $10,000 for similar practices.

Hybrid Retainer

  • Deposit: $2,500-$3,500

  • Contingency: 15%-20%

  • Description: For clients with limited funds but a strong case, this option combines an hourly rate with a contingency fee. Clients receive a monthly invoice with a maximum payment cap, and remaining fees are collected from a settlement or favorable judgment.

Pure Contingency

  • Contingency: 33%-40%

  • Description: For clients with proof of evidence but unable to pay upfront fees. No payment is required if we lose the case. All attorney fees are collected from a settlement or favorable judgment.

Flat Fee

  • Description: Ideal for bankruptcy filings, short transactions/transfers, letters, wills, and trusts. Fees typically range between $750 and $3,000.

Flat Fee Specials

  • Bankruptcy: $795.00 for Chapter 7 (plus filing fees and credit counseling, no real property owned)

  • Wills & Trusts Package: $1,995.00

  • Lifetime Wills & Trusts Package: $2,995.00

  • Pre & Post-Nuptial Agreements: Starting at $1,495.00

Hourly Rates

  • Partner Attorneys: $325-$350/hr

  • Associate Attorneys: $225-$300/hr

  • Paralegals and Law Clerks: $150-$200/hr

  • General Office Staff: $100/hr

Competitive Comparison

A 2013-2014 United States Consumer Law Attorney Fee Survey found:

  • The median billable hourly rate for California Consumer Law attorneys is $425.

  • 85.9% of California Consumer Law attorneys have a billable hourly rate above $325.

  • Many Los Angeles attorneys charge between $375-$450 per hour with a larger deposit requirement.

At Gomez Law, APC, we charge less per hour, enabling us to dedicate more time to your case and achieve the results you deserve.

For a specific quote, please call our office to schedule a Free Consultation*.

*Consultations are free of charge and provide an opportunity to discuss your case and understand the services we offer.