Secure Your Family's Future with Estate Planning: The Importance of an Estate Planning Attorney in Los Angeles

Edited by Alexandra Blair Aug. 3, 2017

It is understandable that most of us do not like to think about the inevitable, but there will come a time when your family must go on without your presence. The problem is, however, most people try to put off dealing with this situation for as long as possible, and then, out of nowhere, a catastrophe occurs. A sudden death can leave your family without any guidance regarding your wishes and can leave your estate in turmoil, potentially causing a financial hardship for your loved ones. It is important that you discuss your wishes and work out every last detail with experienced legal counsel. It is a good idea to understand just what an estate planning attorney in Los Angeles does, so you know exactly where to turn for assistance.

Wills, Trusts, and More

You want an attorney that can assist you with items like a will, a trust, or to set up a health care directive or give power of attorney to a family member should you become incapacitated. Before you go to see an attorney, you may want to sit down and go over how you would like your assets distributed. You should compile a list of people involved, along with addresses and phone numbers, so that you have the information available. You should also compile a list of your assets, such as your bank accounts, insurance information, investment or pension information, or any assets of value you want to be included in your trust.

Answering Questions for You

It is only natural that you would have many questions involving the process and particulars for a will or trust. Your estate planning attorney in Los Angeles will have the answers for you, and a good lawyer will gladly spend time with you to go over your questions carefully. You want to fully understand the ramifications of the decisions you make, and your lawyer can be there to guide you and provide you with the appropriate legal advice.

Getting Sound Advice

If you want to see an estate planning attorney in Los Angeles so you can get the sound advice you need, come to see us at Gomez Law, APC. We offer an array of estate planning services that can help provide you with peace of mind and protection for your family. You can click here to fill out our client intake form or call us at 855-219-3333 to schedule an appointment for a consultation so we can begin the process.