Understanding the Role of a Real Estate Lawyer in Los Angeles Foreclosure Cases

Edited by Alexandra Blair March 10, 2017

When facing the risk of foreclosure, it can be challenging to determine which real estate lawyer in Los Angeles can truly help protect your property. Not all real estate lawyers are the same, and when it comes to foreclosure defense, only the most experienced attorneys can effectively handle such complex matters. Here, we provide useful information on how to find the best real estate lawyer for foreclosure cases in Los Angeles.

Areas of Expertise for Real Estate Attorneys in Foreclosure Cases

The type of real estate attorney you need depends on your specific legal situation and goals. Your case, current circumstances, and desired outcomes are critical factors in selecting the right lawyer. Here are the primary types of real estate attorneys who can assist with foreclosure cases:

Foreclosure Defense Attorneys

A foreclosure defense attorney specializes in defending homeowners against foreclosure. These attorneys are well-versed in the foreclosure process and defense strategies specific to California. Key criteria for selecting the best foreclosure defense attorney include:

  • Familiarity with California's foreclosure laws

  • Expertise in defense strategies and litigation

  • Ability to negotiate mortgage modifications, facilitate short sales, and arrange deeds in lieu of foreclosure

Real Estate Attorneys vs. Foreclosure Defense Attorneys

While general real estate attorneys handle property sales, purchases, leasing, and homeowner association issues, foreclosure defense attorneys specialize in litigation related to foreclosure. They can provide targeted legal assistance when facing foreclosure litigation.

Bankruptcy Attorneys

If filing for bankruptcy is a viable strategy to address foreclosure, hiring a real estate attorney who specializes in bankruptcy is essential. Bankruptcy law is complex, and only attorneys with specific expertise can navigate the process effectively.

Finding the Right Real Estate Lawyer for Foreclosure in Los Angeles

To find the best real estate lawyer for foreclosure in Los Angeles, it's essential to:

  1. Screen Potential Lawyers: Meet with several attorneys to understand your options and their approaches.

  2. Assess Experience: Ensure the attorney has substantial experience in foreclosure cases and a track record of success.

  3. Evaluate Financial Stability: Choose a firm in a healthy financial condition to ensure they can dedicate adequate resources to your case.

  4. Understand Payment Terms: Clarify what services are included in the fees and any additional costs. Ensure transparency in the scope of work and fees.

Additional Considerations

You may be able to handle certain tasks, like requesting a loan modification, on your own to allow your attorney to focus on defense and litigation. Discuss all tasks and expectations during your initial meeting with the attorney.

Foreclosure is a serious matter that requires thorough preparation and expertise. Hiring the best real estate lawyer for foreclosure in Los Angeles can significantly improve your chances of saving your property. Given that real estate laws vary by state, consulting with an experienced attorney in Los Angeles will help you understand your situation and navigate the legal complexities effectively.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact US AT (855) 219-3333. We are a full-service real estate law firm representing homeowners and tenants throughout Southern California. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. Laws may have changed since publication, so please consult with a foreclosure defense attorney for advice specific to your situation.