Prevent Potential Mistakes by Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney in Los Angeles

GOMEZ SIMONE Sept. 13, 2017

You have spent your life working hard, saving, investing money, and doing all you can to provide well for your family. The success you achieved and the possessions and investments you have accumulated are something to be proud of and something you want to preserve for your family now and in the future. It is only natural that you want all this passed on to your family when you are gone, but to make sure this happens you need to take steps and actions to assure it. You can prevent serious legal mistakes that can be costly to your family when you enlist the help and services of an estate planning attorney in Los Angeles like we offer here at Gomez and Simone, A Professional Law Corporation.

Not Just for The Very Rich

Many people make a mistake in thinking that only the very wealthy need to be concerned about making a will or creating trusts. However, it is not just the wealthy or famous that have important assets to consider like a home, cars, investments or other tangible or valuable property. Even if all you own is the home you live in and its contents, you want to make sure that you have legally designated what happens to your property when you pass on. Failing to do this can create a legal nightmare for your spouse, partner, or family if something were to happen to you.

Proper Legal Advice

There is a great deal of understanding necessary to plan an estate beyond simply creating a will and signing it. You want to make sure you get proper legal advice from someone with experience in probate law, drafting wills and trusts and estate planning. When you meet with us at Gomez and Simone, A Professional Law Corporation, we can start work as your estate planning attorney in Los Angeles and provide you with the valuable advice and guidance you need. We can help you create an estate plan that is efficient, effective and will save your loved ones from anguish and complications.

Get Your Plan Started

The best place for you to start when you need an estate planning attorney from Los Angeles is to get in touch with us – Gomez and Simone, A Professional Law Corporation. You can phone our firm by calling to book a meeting with one of our attorneys so that we can provide you with a free 30- Minute initial consultation to discuss your needs for estate planning. Meeting with us can provide you with the proper approach to taking care of your family and your assets.