Landlords Likely to Hike Rents if Proposition 10 Passed

GOMEZ LAW, APC Oct. 23, 2018

Recently, Jacob, a North Hollywood resident, came to know from his housing complex manager that his landlord is planning to increase the rent from $1,850 to $2,000 per month. This is not at all good news as the hike would be much more than the usual yearly ones. Initially, Jacob thought that the increase in rent might be because of any renovation or repair, but that is sadly not the case. The manager of the building opined that the upcoming election was the reason behind the increase.

According to various renter attorneys, Los Angeles landlords are increasing the rents before November because there will be a statewide ballot when voters decide on Proposition 10. This is an initiative, which would lift the restrictions on rent control in various cities of the state. This means that LA landlords may have to face rent control regulations in November.

According to Larry Gross, Director of the Coalition for Economic Survival, property owners are resorting to price hikes to pressurize residents into voting against the proposed measure. Some of the real estate websites have also listed apartments informing renters of an imminent rent increase in reply to the ballot initiative.

Property managers are even informing about the rent increase to people staying in buildings that do not fall within the ambit of the rent control restrictions. They have cleverly added a clause in the letters sent to the tenants that rental prices would be revised and reduced if the ballot measure failed. Many experts believe that all these tactics of landlords and property managers are being employed just to intimidate or confuse the tenants who would be voting.

Vague assurances from apartment owners that rents would be slashed if the ballot measure failed may convince lodgers to vote for something, which does not favor their financial well-being in the long run. The sad part is it is a punishment that tenants have to bear for no fault of theirs. Without even knowing whether the measure will be passed, they would have to pay the toll, which is a big misfortune. This is not the first time when LA residents are seen facing a situation wherein they are on the losing side.

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