Gomez Law Will Protect Your Rights and Interests After an Injury

GOMEZ LAW Jan. 11, 2022

Personal injury lawsuits are one of the most common types of litigation in our court system today. The experienced and professional team at Gomez Law is ready to help you with yours. According to the legal resource website, Nolo.com, 91% of injured persons received payouts after hiring an attorney, as opposed to just 51% who did not. If you were personally harmed by another individual, a medical facility, your employer, or anyone else, we can handle your injury by fighting to make you whole again. Our legal firm will investigate, negotiate, and litigate to ensure that as an injured person, you are recovering the maximum amount that your injury is worth. Though the world is ever-changing, our firm is fit to handle the future. This even includes injuries to drivers or passengers which may have been caused by constantly evolving rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft. Gomez Law firmly believes that everyone has rights, so protect yours after being injured!

Personal Injury in Los Angeles is a complicated and time-consuming issue. We advise clients to act as soon as possible to seek both medical and legal services so they may protect themselves and be adequately compensated. If left untreated, injuries can get worse over time, and an injured person may lose the ability to recover anything after the statute of limitations expires. In some cases, the injured person may only have one or two years from the day they discovered their injury to file a claim in court. Cal. Legis. Serv. Ch. 448 (Senate Bill 688). To make sure all your rights are protected after experiencing an injury, call our office today and make an appointment with our friendly and respectful staff.

We Can Handle Even the Most Complicated Personal Injury Claims

Most personal injury cases involve an insurance policy that protects a driver, trucker, or motorcyclist in case of an injury. When a person gets injured, the insured generally has a policy that pays the amount owed to the injured person to cover only their initial medical expenses. Depending on the type of injury sustained, sometimes the insurance policies will try to give the injured person much less for the injuries or damages sustained than what the injured person should be getting. That is where a professional team can protect your rights, and ensure you receive the maximum compensation for your injury. The insurance companies are looking out for themselves and their clients, as is the nature of a business. If a liable person doesn’t have insurance, the injured person will have to recover directly from them rather than an insurance company. This is difficult and time-consuming, so let our legal professionals handle it with your best interest in mind.

Our personal injury experience doesn’t end with motor vehicle accidents. Acts that cause injuries could be accidental, intentional, negligent, defamatory, or from defective products. Injuries, harm, or damages can be physical, emotional, psychological, or directed at a person’s reputation. Each personal injury case is unique, and Gomez Law will get to the root of it. If you suffered or are suffering from a personal injury caused by someone else, don’t delay. Most personal injury cases are governed by decisions made in previously litigated cases which directs the court how to decide in future cases. For this reason, it's key to have a professional team behind you to sift through all cases and pick the best ones to use to inform the court of your needs. This is the key to getting an injured person the results they deserve.

We can help you navigate injuries related to the following and beyond:

  • Vehicle collisions

  • Rideshare injuries

  • Medical malpractice

  • Permanent disabilities or disfiguration

  • Wrongful death of a loved one

  • Product liability

  • Defamation

  • Injuries related to unsafe premises

  • Work-related injuries

  • Animal-related injuries

  • Brain and Spinal injuries

  • And more!

You Won’t Have to Navigate the Complexities Alone

Once you get an appointment to meet with one of our attorneys, you will communicate to them more about your injury. The legal professional from our firm will determine whether your injury was caused by the breach of a legal duty. If this is the case then Gomez Law can begin with settlement talks, negotiations, or the initiation of a lawsuit. Having an attorney for every step of your case is crucial so that we can adequately calculate the value of your claim. Working with a Gomez Law Attorney may even allow you to avoid going to court, effectively saving you time and money in the lengthy process that is fighting to resolve your issues through litigation. To resolve your personal injury case and hold accountable those who have harmed you, contact the attorneys at Gomez Law today for your consultation!