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GOMEZ SIMONE Dec. 2, 2017

Financial problems and difficulties are all too common today. Even as we keep hearing that the economy is better and people are doing better, there are still many people in the same position as you find yourself in now – dealing with large financial problems that seem insurmountable and leaving you with nowhere to turn. Whether your debts are from your business, unpaid medical bills, civil court judgments or other sources, facing the bill collectors, foreclosure on your home or wage garnishments can be more than you can take. It may be time for you to look for better alternatives to help yourself, and you can get help the right way from a Los Angeles bankruptcy law firm like ours at Gomez and Simone.

Bankruptcy Can be Complicated

The laws regarding bankruptcy have changed over the last decade, making them more complex and harder to understand. They are not only harder to understand, but it is also more difficult for you to get court approval for bankruptcy unless you have all the supporting evidence and documentation to prove your case. In the past, where many people sought to represent themselves in bankruptcy court to save money, in today’s world, a lawyer is an absolute necessity for you if you want to proceed with your case.

Smoothing the Bankruptcy Process

You may already feel enough stress if you are going through issues where bankruptcy is a consideration for you, so having a Los Angeles bankruptcy law firm on your side like ours at Gomez and Simone will make everything better for you. Our experience with bankruptcy cases allows us to make the process and filing for bankruptcy much smoother for you. We will walk you through each step of the process, so you understand everything and know what to expect along the way and can see progress made on your behalf.

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The best approach for you to take to your financial difficulties may be bankruptcy, and here at Gomez and Simone, we can be the Los Angeles bankruptcy law firm that can help you determine what your next move should be. You can schedule a Free Consultation * with us so you can discuss your situation confidentially and learn how we can help you when you call our office at 855-219-3333 and speak with our staff.