Fraud Alert: Patrick Soria and His Shell Companies Have Defrauded Hundreds of Homeowners Across the Us

GOMEZ SIMONE June 29, 2018

FRAUD ALERT: Gomez & Simone has retained a number of clients who fell victim of a danger to society named PATRICK SORIA and his partner in crime Michael C. Jackson. If you’re not familiar with these names, then you may have heard about one of Soria’s business entities, West H&A, Christiana Wilmington Corp, Deutsche Mellon National Asset, CLG PC Capital or W.E.S.T. Inc., among others.

If you took out a mortgage loan on your property with one of these Soria Shell Companies you are in jeopardy of severe economic damages including the possible loss of your home to foreclosure. You need legal representation without delay.

Although Patrick Soria and his cronies had a variety of schemes, the typical scheme involved approaching homeowners to “Re-Finance” their homes with a sweet deal at a low interest rate, all for a “low” up-front processing fee. A true RE-Finance means that the financing of the home is actually “sold” in that the current mortgage lender is paid off in full by the new lender, just as if the home had been sold. Unfortunately, Soria lied to his clients and did NOT pay off the original mortgage. Thus Soria not only kept the upfront fee for himself, but also pocketed all the monthly mortgage payments sent in by his victims, which appear to number in the hundreds, while never having lent anybody a red cent. The business model was pure profit… and pure fraud.

The sad result is that the unsuspecting homeowners believed they still had only one mortgage, the new one, and thus understandably only made one monthly payment to the new lender, while in reality the original loan was still in place. Soria recorded fraudulent documents to throw off the first mortgage lenders, but eventually they understood what happened and have now begun to foreclose on the homeowners. In order to proceed with their foreclosures, these Mortgage Servicers have also sued Soria, Jackson and their shell companies, and in some cases even the homeowners. If you have done business with one of these entities, chances are it is only a matter of time before you receive Notice that your property is in default and that your home will eventually be sold at auction if nothing is done. It goes without saying that this is something that needs to be handled by an attorney promptly.

Gomez & Simone Law has specialized in Foreclosure Defense since its inception, and has handled hundreds of Foreclosure cases with a very high success rate for their homeowner clients. One of our cases even went to the court of appeals, where we won, thus re-writing the foreclosure laws in the State of California. (See Valbuena v. Ocwen in this list of G&S wins.) Gomez & Simone also very experienced in “Quiet Title” Litigation – lawsuits filed in order to eliminate bogus liens and to resolve ownership disputes, the kind of lawsuit you need to file in order to save your home. In addition, we have begun to represent various victims of Patrick Soria and his co-conspirators, so we are already up to speed on the case.

If you are the victim or potential victim of Patrick Soria and his fraudulent co-conspirators, we urge you to consult with a qualified real estate attorney without delay. Of course, we hope you call Gomez & Simone at 855-219-3333. You have nothing to lose – we offer a FREE no-obligation Initial Legal Consultation with one of our experienced attorneys – and everything to gain.

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