Foreclosure Lawyers in Los Angeles

GOMEZ SIOMONE Jan. 10, 2018

Foreclosure lawyers in Los Angeles have helped thousands of people recover their homes. Losing a home in Los Angeles can turn out to be devastating, thousands of people lose their dream home due to foreclosure every year. However, with some of the best lawyers in town, many have been able to retain their homes and save thousands of dollars. Facing a bank alone with legal proceedings is not a comfortable situation, but if a lawyer is involved the procedure becomes easy.

Several families have won cases with the help of lawyers in Los Angeles. Gomez and Simone attorneys at law are one of most established law firms that have successfully overseen their clients troubles. With a highly experienced team of lawyers, they have helped families with foreclosure and pre-foreclosure cases. The attorneys at Gomez and Simone have stopped complex foreclosures by filing lawsuits and bringing large settlements to their clients. Some of their successful cases have involved over $2 million.

Tips to Hire a Foreclosure Lawyers in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a vast city with several lawyers, but hiring the best among them might be challenging. However, there are a few tips that could help to select the best foreclosure lawyers. The real estate market is always fluctuating and unstable. It has become an essential to know skilled professionals in the field of foreclosure law. With the vulnerability of the real estate market, many individuals and families lose their home, especially in Los Angeles.

Foreclosure Attorneys

Since lawyers have different areas of knowledge, not many are well-experienced in foreclosure. It is a must to select lawyers that are highly skilled in foreclosure law. At Gomez and Simone, the attorneys are experienced in handling foreclosure litigations. Their proven success rate has saved homes for families against sophisticated investors. An experienced lawyer in foreclosure must be experienced in fighting against banks and other investors.

Pre-Foreclosure Cases

A good law firm should have individuals to handle pre-foreclosure litigations. Stopping a foreclosure will help you to continue to stay at your home. Some lawyers only focus on stopping foreclosure, but it is also important to collect damages from the bank. An experienced attorney will help their clients to get back on track by filing a lawsuit.

Leading Foreclosure Lawyers in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has some of leading foreclosure lawyers. As a partner with Gomez and Simone, Stuart is one of the most successful lawyers with a high-level experience in handling foreclosure litigations. Stuart has filed lawsuits against mortgage lenders and negotiated in favor of his clients. His strategies for handling foreclosure cases have satisfied several clients. As a leading attorney, he has a wide range of courtroom experience. With Gomez and Simone, he has retained major properties with all possible legal options and strategies. Stuart has a huge advantage being a foreclosure lawyer due to his past experience in the real estate industry.

Understanding the real estate law and working with various difficult cases has made him one of the most established foreclosure lawyers in Los Angeles. Stuart Simone is the ideal advocate for handling foreclosure proceedings. He also drafts Wills and Trusts to provide Estate Planning. With many years of experience in the field of law, he has represented property owners, landlords, and tenants in three other law firms.

Mark A. Gomez is also one of the leading foreclosure lawyers in Los Angeles. Mark is known for handling complex situations for various clients. Mark’s career in law started at a very early age, his passion to practice law has made him one of the best lawyers and a managing partner with Gomez and Simone. Mark had worked previously in established law firms like Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles. With Gomez and Simone Mark has helped and closed several serious litigation.

Benefits of Hiring a Foreclosure Lawyers in Los Angeles

A foreclosure lawyer will know how to navigate with legal terms. Preparing documentation and proceeding with court formalities can be extremely stressful, an attorney will help to organize every step that is required. On the other hand, a lawyer will help to defend your home since they are more knowledgeable about the available options. A foreclosure attorney will help you face the bank or mortgage company by filling all the legal pleadings and documents. The entire communication process with the bank and court becomes more effective. A lawyer will also be able to get some extra time to negotiate and sort everything out. The biggest advantage is that an attorney will present your case and make banks to prove their claims. In some cases, attorneys have also worked for a compromise with the bank.

Gomez and Simone have a strong team of attorneys that are dedicated to serving their clients with a professional approach. Right from Estate Planning to Probate Litigation, they are one of the most established law firms that have a high recommendations. Every attorney has a detailed profile of their success and professional law experience. With a concept of saving people who are affected by foreclosure, Gomez and Simone are focused on serving people with honesty and confidence. Many leading lawyers in Los Angeles work with Gomez and Simone, a majority of their advocates have also worked at legal aid clinics. They also provide a free case analysis with high-quality representation. With a wide reach throughout Los Angeles, they also have Spanish speaking attorneys to serve their clients better.

Their motive is to understand their client’s goals and ensure that they are implemented to the very best. The Gomez and Simone law firm reviews and analyzes any possible legal concerns. With years of experience, the law firm works as a strong force together. Every attorney is trained and skilled in their field, their services are modest and economical for clients. They take into account even the smallest information which could favor their client’s side. Hundreds of clients have recommended the law firm to families and individuals. That said, the Gomez and Simone law firm is believed to be one of the best law firms in Los Angeles for handling foreclosure litigation.