Fighting Real Estate Fraud

GOMEZ SIMONE July 26, 2018

Real estate investment comes with its own set of complexities and issues and dealing with them in the right manner is vital. Real Estate investors may end up fighting legal battles that can go on for years. Instead of facing legal hassles on your own, it is always better to take the advice and help of seasoned real estate attorneys who have the best experience in the industry.

Establishing a Fraud

Imagine you have bought a residential property, which is very different from what you were expecting initially. There may be some discrepancies in the sale or title or closing of escrow. Or imagine that you bought a property with another party and that party is not sharing in rental income or attempts to take your name off of title.

When your deal goes bad and you feel you were misled, it is important to know about the remedies that you can expect in court or a settlement over your dispute. The compensation can vary greatly depending on how your real estate lawyer in Los Angeles fights your case and how he/she proves that you were defrauded/misled.

Punitive Damages in a Fraud Case

If your property lawyers in California prove successfully that your case is a straightforward real estate fraud case, you can be compensated or you can receive punitive damages apart from the other rewards that are available in a straightforward misrepresentation case including associated costs. Therefore, working with a reputed civil litigation attorney is vital for winning a real estate fraud case.

How You Win a Real Estate Fraud Case

Winning a fraud case against another party legally is not very easy; to achieve this objective, your real estate purchase dispute attorney in Los Angeles has to prove that:

  • The other party falsely represented and concealed vital property information or failed to disclose all the information about the property in question;

  • The other party was aware that an important fact about the property was not revealed during the initial discussions;

  • The other party intentionally tried to deceive you through false information and nondisclosure;

  • Before complaining, you relied on and trusted the misrepresentation while going ahead with the deal;

  • There are various damages that you have suffered because of the misinterpretation and concealment.

Your real estate attorney will definitely rely on various investigative measures to prove that you have been cheated by the other party. His sole goal will be to get you maximum compensation for all the wrongdoings of the other party.

Leading Real Estate Attorneys

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