Eviction Lawyer in Los Angeles

JOSH DOMINGUEZ April 2, 2021

Eviction cases can be quite tricky, as both landlord and tenant can be guilty of infringing on the other person’s right. This is very common in places like Los Angeles, where there are a vast population and incidence of default or wrongly eviction by either the landlord or tenant. This is where the eviction Lawyer in Los Angeles comes into play, as they are packed with the skills to tackle evictions from either side of the divide.

As a tenant, recruiting the services of an Eviction Lawyer in Los Angeles can be a move that would determine the case’s success. Most landlords can be inconsiderate or come up with inflexible rules that would be unfavorable to a tenant; that’s when a law firm like Gomez Law, APC comes into play. They ensure that the rule of law is followed. They provide adequate legal backing to tenants and lawyers that engage their service to finalize eviction deals.

Tenant Rights During Eviction Notices

There are differences based on whichever state you reside in when it comes to laws backing eviction cases. These laws guide how eviction cases are handled and what shouldn’t be introduced to an eviction case. Sometimes residents do not know these laws, which can be an issue when facing an eviction notice.

These tenants now have to deal with unexpected eviction notices, which puts them in an inconvenient circumstance. Now they have to hastily vacate the premises or pay rents which shouldn’t have been paid. With the help of eviction lawyers in Los Angeles, these cases are now dwindling, as residents/tenants now have concrete backing when such cases arise.

To give our clients a clearer understanding of their rights as a tenant or, we would put out some rights that a landlord can’t infringe upon.

Tenants Rights

  • No matter the situation, a landlord has no right to threaten a tenant with the introduction of any enforcement agency during an eviction case. This also involves agencies such as the police or immigration services to threaten new immigrants who have little or no knowledge about the laws. However, many people fall for this ruse due to their need to avoid the law. Once an eviction lawyer in Los Angeles has been recruited, such incidences can then be handled according to the law.

  • In a case where a tenant has overstayed their eviction notice, a landlord has no right to evict the tenant forcefully. Once the landlord notices that the tenant has overstayed the eviction notice’s deadline, a case has to be filed in court. Our team at Gomez Law. APC also helps landlords undertake such cases to help landlords get swift delivery of judgment.

  • A landlord also has no right to tamper with entry or utilities associated with the tenant. This also includes restricting the tenant from entry or exit of their apartment. Some landlords also try to initiate construction jobs, which would ultimately lead the tenant into exiting the premises. These are also against the law when handling eviction notices.

These and many more are the rights that a tenant has when an eviction notice has been served. An eviction lawyer in Los Angeles would adequately guide a client on what best to do and the way they can avoid unwarranted eviction notices.

In conclusion, eviction lawyers in Los Angeles also undertake several other duties which may be beneficial to the landlord, and it depends on who recruits their services. However, those who want excellent representation can contact us at Gomez Law. APC for proper legal backing. We are a firm that is well vast in handling such cases, and we also possess an adequate track record to prove it.