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GOMEZ SIMONE June 15, 2018

It is sure not easy to get that dream home you’ve been fantasizing about. While there are several ways to purchase a home, there are also numerous ways to get that home the easy yet illegal way possible. Homebuyers, lenders, and other real estate agents falsify and forge information to get a home loan. Under California Law, such unlawful and intolerable act is considered a mortgage fraud. Mortgage crime rates and foreclosures continue to increase in prime and subprime markets in California. While cases of mortgage fraud increase, the credibility of well-trusted california mortgage lawyers have also prevailed.

Things to Know About Mortgage and California Mortgage Lawyers

Under the California law, mortgage fraud is subjected to submitting fake W-2 forms or getting an inflated property appraisal by a home buyer or real estate professionals. As mortgage fraud is often connected with falsification of mortgage documents, it can be considered fraud if one side supplies false information or the other side relies on that false information to complete a transaction.

According to the California law, there are two main categories of mortgage fraud: (1) Fraud for Housing, when a borrower fabricates information to qualify for a loan or to obtain more acceptable terms when buying a home, and (2) Fraud for Profit, when an appraiser, mortgage broker, lender, and the like commits fraud for obtaining money from a house deal.

Mortgage fraud offenders are mainly licensed or registered mortgage brokers, lenders, appraisers, accountants, real estate agents, land developers, investors, builders, bank account representatives, even attorneys who are very knowledgeable on how mortgage flows, which is why they can use their experiences in the real estate industry to easily acquire a home loan and take advantage of it. These perpetrators have demonstrated their ability to adapt to changes in mortgage legislation to modify existing schemes or create new ones. They also have effortless skills and approaches to documents needed for the loan as well as systems, notary seals, and licensure information necessary to commit mortgage fraud.

The primary focus of a mortgage lawyer is to apply himself or herself to the review of documents, the negotiation of terms and conditions, and the transference of titles. When a breach of contract transpires, or a mortgage fraud occurs, that’s the time a mortgage lawyer steps in and represent their client in the litigation. They may also be called upon by homeowners who feels skeptical about their ownership and their lender.

It is essential for a mortgage lawyer to develop a broad yet sturdy law foundation and strong negotiating skills. The real estate industry is a series of obstacles and unexpected challenges; thus, a mortgage lawyer should be capable of finding even the slightest faults found in the documents and loan in general.

What Will a California Mortgage Lawyer Do for You?

With today’s difficult economy and an unstable real estate market, we understand the need to hire the best Los Angeles Real Estate Attorneys. More and more Americans have lost their homes in the last few decades due to the vulnerability of the market. This is why it’s essential to know there are skilled professionals in the field of foreclosure law and mortgages. Southern California has a law firm with talented real estate attorneys waiting to help. A credible, trustworthy, and professional California mortgage lawyer will review your situation and develop the best strategy for your case. A mortgage lawyer will also have to deal with judicial foreclosures which involves the plaintiffs and defendants and represent on your behalf.

Definitely, a mortgage lawyer must push his or her capabilities in stopping your mortgage fraud case. But above all else, a mortgage lawyer must treat you with respect and compassion, and empathize with your situation.

Aim for The Help of The Leading California Mortgage Lawyers

Because the field of real estate and mortgage laws California has is complex, it is vital to seek legal and professional assistance only from the top California mortgage lawyers. You would not want to risk the success of your mortgage case with a mortgage lawyer of low credibility and questionable experiences and practice. Moreover, it may not be suitable and helpful to hire a lawyer whose experiences are far from the real estate industry. Certainly, it is best to seek help from a lawyer who does not just know the aspects of mortgage law but also the entire real estate law in general to foresee the possible consequences and effects of your mortgage fraud case. After all, it must be a lawyer’s duty to master every aspect and every depth of the legislation.

Hiring the best mortgage lawyers California has can eminently help you in the discussion and assessment of your home situation. Struggling homeowners and lenders should also understand that there are several legal ways to stop a mortgage fraud and with the help of an experienced mortgage lawyer. There may be factors that will make you think twice in hiring a mortgage lawyer as well as big consequences and after effects but will you risk the welfare of your family and the home you’ve worked hard for many years? At the end of the day, a mortgage lawyer will be your friend, your companion, your life support who will accompany you on this tough journey.

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