Are You In Debt And Need A Fresh Start?We Handle All Bankruptcy & Debt Negotiation Issues

GOMEZ LAW Oct. 22, 2021

Why Hire Gomez & Simone?

  • Besides our experience and success filing bankruptcy cases, we have civil litigation and debt negotiation experience that other bankruptcy firms just don’t have!

  • We make the process efficient and effective.

  • Our dedicated attorneys and paralegals give you personal attention.

  • Whether it’s a simple personal chapter 7 bankruptcy, a chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop a foreclosure, or a complex chapter 11 corporate reorganization, our staff takes the time to patiently explain each issue with you and make sure you understand everything we are doing.

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Spanish Speaking Staff & Attorneys Available

What Can Bankruptcy Do for You?

Many know that Bankruptcy immediately stops foreclosure sales, wage garnishments and harassing bill collectors. But few people know that in many cases, credit scores will actually improve once you file. See our Blog for more details.

Filing for bankruptcy can also wipe out:

  • Business debts, Civil court judgments against you and unpaid Medical bills.

  • Post-Foreclosure mortgage debt and eviction holdover damages.

  • Income taxes, including penalties over 3 years old.

  • Social security overpayments and Veterans assistance loans and overpayments.

  • Student Loans, if they are from private lenders and you can show hardship.

How Much Is the Cost?

Chapter 7 base price is $995.00 plus the court filing fee and credit counseling certificate (no Real Property owned). For most people filing Chapter 7, this is what our fees will be. No surprises! (There are additional for joint filings, emergency filings*, real property owned, or if you own a business.)

A Chapter 13 base upfront** price is $2,495.00 plus filing fees and credit counseling. (note: additional for joint filings, emergency filings*, multiple Real Properties owned or if you own a business.)

*Normal filing times are 7 days after payment is made. **Additional fees may be collected from within the bankruptcy plan, talk to one of our Attorneys to get a specific quote.

Spanish Speaking Staff & Attorneys Available

Need more of a reason to hire Gomez & Simone? We offer all of our clients a returning client discount for the rest of their life and we have Attorneys in: Family Law (Divorce, Child Custody/Support), Real Estate, Criminal Defense (DUI), Probate, Wills & Trusts and General Litigation (filing or responding to a Lawsuit). Call now and become a member of the Gomez & Simone Family!

Debt Negotiations – The Alternative to Bankruptcy

We also help settle your Debts. By settling with your creditors you will not need to file for Bankruptcy. Settling your debt requires negotiating directly with your creditors and lenders to agree to either pay a lesser amount owed or reach a payment plan that you can afford. Lenders and creditors know that if you do file Bankruptcy then they will likely recover nothing from you and therefore are inclined to cooperate and negotiate with you.

Can you negotiate on your own? Yes, of course. However, creditors and lenders have teams trained for this. Hiring an experienced legal team may result in a better settlement for you. In addition, you may have a statute of limitations defense against paying anything or other legal options and arguments specific to your situation. That is why we recommend hiring a law firm to represent you and advise you as to all of your legal options related to any and all debts you have.