Appellate Court Victory – v. Ocwen Loan Servicing

GOMEZ LAW, APC June 3, 2015

Gomez Law, APC is a litigation law firm prepared to fight till the final ruling for their clients. In one of their recent success stories they decided to appeal what they believed was an unjust trial court ruling against their clients Amado and Myrna Valbuena. To summarize, the Valbuena’s had reached out to their mortgage servicer for assistance to catch up on payments and avoid foreclosure. Despite the reassuring communications received from the lender, the Valbuena’s were foreclosed without warning and soon thereafter evicted from their property. Gomez & Simone, APLC appealed the trial court’s ruling against them and obtained an appellate reversal of the prior judgment concluding that the Valbuena’s had successfully alleged that their rights had been violated.

Appellate Court Opinion

Recently, there have also been a series of complimentary comments by trial court judges as to the legal writing and legal arguments presented in other ongoing lawsuits filed by Gomez & Simone, APLC, such as in “Hunt v. Caliber Home Loans, Bank of America, NA” filed in San Diego County. There, Gomez & Simone, APLC obtained an order by the court restraining the lender and mortgage servicer from selling their client’s home. The trial court judge there stated that although “I do not ordinarily grant these restraining orders… I was impressed with the legal writing and specificity… After reading the paperwork I knew this case was the one in a hundred that deserved to be granted.”

042415-Order on Ex Parte (Conformed)

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