3 Reasons to Hire the Best Real Estate Fraud Attorney Los Angeles Has to Offer

GOMEZ SIMONE March 7, 2017

Real estate scams – they all come in different forms and your best chances to escape from them is with the help of the best real estate fraud attorney Los Angeles can offer. Even in key cities or countries where tough real estate law is established and implemented, scams can still flourish. Moreover, as countries start to recover from housing bubbles and while technology continues to evolve, such real estate scams have not slowed down one bit. This is where the expertise and the knowledge of the best Best Real Estate Fraud Attorney Los Angeles has can step in.

These real estate scams have inevitably blossomed into more sophisticated, elaborate, and unpredictable ploys. This is despite the initiatives of the government, both from the state and federal levels, to go after the people behind these scams. It has become imperative for homeowners and for future tenants to learn the signs of illegitimate real estate transactions. Being able to get in touch with the best real estate fraud attorney Los Angeles can offer can provide you with the ultimate protection before these crooks leave you financially drained.

Reason #1: The Pseudo-Companies Offering Fraudulent Loan Modification Continue to Exist

You may have probably encountered certain individuals who have experienced an unfortunate tale of real estate scam. Every top real estate fraud attorney in Los Angeles has some stories of scams to share. Some have been victimized by fake agencies that masquerade themselves as a government-affiliated real estate agency. Some would convince unsuspecting homeowners with the sweet promises of modifying their mortgage and would require a certain fee to process them. Such offers would initially too difficult to resist, and spending $10,000-$15,000 would be ‘minimal’ in exchange for the promised colossal mortgage relief. The victims would eventually start hunting for the best real estate fraud attorney Los Angeles can offer once they find out that the transaction is nothing but a major scam.

According to the organization called NeighborWorks America, they have received a staggering 35,000 complaints related to loan modification scam for the past four years. This further strengthens the need to hire the top real estate fraud attorney Los Angeles has to offer. Despite the massive efforts to raise awareness on this type of real estate scam, the number of victims has failed to decline. Most of the unsuspecting victims have been conned and swindled out of $1500 in the past. At present, many fall into the traps of this real-estate scame and lose an average of $1500. When any loan-restructuring companies offer their services, it is best to hire the best real estate fraud attorney Los Angeles has to offer to consult or go the extra mile and do the background check on the company first.

This loan-restructuring scam typically begins with a cold call from a company that promises to provide assistance with any foreclosure-related services. In some cases, the fraudulent company may also offer assistance to a group of highly distressed individuals involved in a mass rejoinder lawsuit. The company would offer legal assistance to file charges against a specific lender or developer and would even be represented by fake real estate lawyers. One clear indication that the service is a scam when an upfront fee is required before any real actions are taken. A legitimate real estate fraud attorney in Los Angeles would NEVER require payment before any service is provided.

Reason #2: The Get-Rick-Quick Schemes Real Estate Workshop Scams are Back

They were prevalent in the midst of the housing bubbles in the past. Unfortunately, these real-estate scammers are back again. This is another reason to hire the best real estate fraud attorney Los Angeles has. In this scam, a self-proclaimed investment expert will conduct a seminar to lure the clients to invest in a real-estate. Most of the time, these individuals promote their activities via free e-books that are downloadable online or via any platform on the Web.

According to a really good real estate fraud attorney in Los Angeles, these crooks would typically invite people to a seminar for a zero cost. During the seminar, the sales pitch will continue up until they can convince people to spend thousands of dollars on courses for a promise of becoming a multi-millionaire. Note that upon signing up, people are usually asked to sign a release form which inevitably blocks you from taking any legal action. Therefore, only the best real estate fraud attorney Los Angeles has can help you resolve this type of issue.

While it is particularly tempting to participate in such get-rich-quick schemes, it is an absolute must to do a background check on the workshop educator or the investment guru who is conducting the seminar. As not all workshop educators are con artists, you will need to go the extra mile to get legitimate information about the person and the activity itself. You may, of course, get in touch with a real estate fraud attorney in Los Angeles if you feel something is off with the transaction.

Any top real estate fraud attorney in Los Angeles has would recommend that you to check the business itself at the government agency to ensure that it is not the fly-by-night type. You may also opt to see the company ratings on-line at authority sites. Checking for reviews is not sufficient. As per a top best real estate fraud attorney in Los Angeles, these reviews you see on-line may likewise be fabricated as these con artists are quite thorough in building a false positive reputation online.

Reason #3: On-line Rental Scams Really Happen

As per the report released by the National Association of Realtors, around 90% of the people searching for apartments or home turn to the Web first. Due to such activity, scammers tend to take advantage of any listing data so they can pull off an illegal activity by re-posting them as though they truly own the place or they are the agent. They usually re-post it on multiple websites to attract as many victims as possible. As it is quite easy to gather information and photos on a listing, this becomes a favorite real-estate scam of many con artists.

Any reputable and experienced real estate fraud attorney Los Angeles would tell you that these con artists have also found a number of ways to get money from the victims. For instance, they could ask for a broker fee or an upfront security deposit to reserve the unit. In some cases, some of these real estate scammers would even require fake application fees for the credit and background checks. These fraudsters would then try to get away by saying that the application has been denied or by simply dodging calls and emails. Either way, it’s a clear indication that you have just been scammed for an apartment falsely represented online.

One important tip that any great real estate fraud attorney in Los Angeles has is to make sure that you do not pay anything if you have not met the agent in person or even signed a contract. There are also times that they would ask you to wire transfer the payment to a certain lawyer’ if you are unable to see the place right away. Never fall for this suggestions and see to it that you contact the best real estate fraud attorney Los Angeles has first before making any financial transaction. This way, you will be guided on what to do accordingly.

Hiring the best real estate fraud attorney Los Angeles has to offer is imperative in battling against these con artists. A continuous effort to boost your knowledge on how sophisticated these scams have become can protect you from becoming a victim. Moreover, one important piece of advice you can get from the best real estate fraud attorney Los Angeles has is to remember that upfront fees are ALWAYS a red flag when it comes do addressing real estate-related cases. Checking identification, consulting business agencies, and making transactions in person are three of the initial ways to ensure that you are not dealing with a con artist. More importantly, availing the service of the best real estate fraud attorney Los Angeles has to offer is always the best option.