Uber and Lyft Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles, California

Rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft are prominent in California and especially Los Angeles. As the rideshare industry is growing, so is legislation to keep you save whether you are a passenger or a driver. Still, many of these protocols are violated and often lead to personal injury and other harm. You may maintain a personal injury claim if you have encountered harm or injury due to any of these violations:

All rideshare drivers must pass a background check each year that they are providing a rideshare service. This keeps the passengers safe and secure in knowing their driver is qualified to provide services.

All vehicles engaged in rideshare services must submit to an inspection by a licensed agency every 12 months or every 50,000 miles. Improperly maintained or damaged vehicles need to be removed from the road and especially from a service which places passengers at risk.

If you are a passenger with a service animal, drivers cannot refuse service just because of your need for the animal’s assistance. This type of discrimination leaving you stranded will not be tolerated.

To help drivers stay safe, vehicles are allowed to be equipped with cameras, though passengers should be informed of filming as a courtesy. This may help deter harassment from passengers or catch harmful behavior as it occurs.

Minors should refrain from requesting rides without an adult present with them in the vehicle. Likewise, drivers should cancel rides if children are present without an adult or in any case where a child needs a car seat or booster seat that is not available and installed at the time of the ride.

In the unfortunate case of a car accident that occurs while utilizing a rideshare service, call Gomez Law immediately to protect your rights and take action against the driver, the rideshare service, or both. Your personal injury should not go unnoticed and uncompensated. Gomez Law can help to seek damages for your injury, medical bills, and more!