Sunset Strip’s Dramatic Makeover Starts

GOMEZ LAW, APC Oct. 24, 2018

Sunset Strip’s Dramatic Makeover Starts

Beautifully sited in West Hollywood, Sunset Strip covers an area of 1.5 miles within the ever popular Sunset Boulevard. The Strip is a famed, high-energy area with a dense population, exciting nightlife, clubs, bars, luxurious accommodation facilities, and mouthwatering gastronomic options.

This place is undoubtedly a favorite hangout of celebrities, rock stars, and supermodels who also own multi-million-dollar properties here. The huge billboards and the rich history of Sunset Strip make it an attractive haven for residents as well as tourists. To add to the intrinsic appeal, Sunset Strip is now undergoing a drastic makeover, with huge hotels, clubs, and shopping centers coming up in the boulevard.

Residents will be happy to know that the new developments include tall hotels with hundreds of rooms for accommodation, luxurious as well as affordable residences, and extended commercial spaces. The best part about Sunset Strip is its proximity to the exciting venues of Hollywood and downtown LA. This area is also a major business hub in the city of LA.

Sunset Strip has a special place in the hearts of Angelenos, but there would be a marked difference in its appearance when the current developments finish. Currently, it is nowhere close to how it looked a decade back. The law of demand and supply is at work, and redevelopments – to cater to the housing and commercial needs – have become a necessity now. However, construction work in a few high-profile real estate and commercial projects is yet to start. Hopefully, we would see a new Sunset Strip in a couple of years.

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