Resolve Property Disputes with Real Estate Litigation in Los Angeles

GOMEZ SIMONE April 20, 2018

Real estate is a complicated area in law, and the majority of people cannot manage property disputes without calling a real estate attorney. If you are facing the possibility of Real estate litigation in Los Angeles, then you need to call us today to get immediate help. Whether you are facing issues with the title on your property, or need with a general real estate issue, you need our team to help you, so call now.

Quiet Title

Facing issues with your property title can be a real headache, particularly if you are experiencing problems with someone else claiming part of the land you own. The most common way to dispute a title is through the Quiet Title lawsuit. You could face being tied up in legal action for years, or you could get assistance from our legal team today. We can help you to resolve issues by establishing who owns the disputed property, and taking action to remove liens or other ‘clouds’ on the title through a quitclaim deed. Removal of these issues can make it easier for you to sell the real estate without further legal claims.

Resolve Issues with Your Loan

A very common area of real estate law is action by mortgage companies on homeowners who are struggling to repay the loan. We will file a lawsuit drafted by our experienced legal team, including documentation and evidence about your financial services, which will help you to persuade the mortgage provider to offer you better terms.

Real Estate Litigation in Los Angeles

You may also need assistance with litigation of adverse possession, including boundary rights. This possession must have been direct and hostile for a continuous period of at least five years. The possessor must also have paid taxes during that period. If you want to claim adverse possession, either on property or on a boundary, then you need to call our real estate litigation team in Los Angeles. Get assistance with real estate litigation in Los Angeles by speaking to one of our team now. Call us, or make use of our online form today to start your lawsuit.