Real Estate Lawyers Los Angeles: When Buying Property

GOMEZ SIMONE April 26, 2019

It is not necessary to hire real estate lawyers in Los Angeles. Most transactions are standard that people will utilize the same contract. That is, they just fill in some blanks. But there are some legal issues that may occur that only a real estate lawyer can answer. In this situation, you will need to hire a real estate attorney to help you out.

It is true that real estate agents are trained about the contract part. However, they are not keen on answering legal questions. A real estate attorney can help in many ways. For example, if your new home has an illegal unit that has an existing tenant but you wish to rent that unit to a friend, then an attorney can give you some recommendation. You may also need to draft an unusual lease that a lawyer can assist you with. You will also need a lawyers’ assistance if you wish to understand more about the documents before signing.

Make an Informed Decision

Gomez and Simone Law firm has been helping real estate buyers in Los Angeles to make an informed decision before signing a contract. In many real estate transactions, a seller will enter into a contract with an agent in writing. When the broker finds a buyer, an informal agreement can be reached between the buyer and the broker. After reaching an agreement, both the seller and buyer will have a formal written contract. The overall process may appear simple. However, there can be a lot of consequences when purchasing a home without consulting a real estate lawyer in Los Angeles. The lawyer will prevent you from signing vague terms.

Brokerage Agreement

One example is a brokerage agreement. Most brokers utilize standard forms as they thought they would cover all circumstances. But without a proper agreement, the seller can be liable to pay a commission even though the house has not been sold. This can be avoided by consulting first with Gomez and Simone real estate lawyers. Our attorneys can give you the pros and cons of multiple listings. Before you sign a brokerage agreement, make sure that you talk to an attorney and let him explain all details in the contract. Even if the broker uses a standard form, you should still talk to a real estate lawyer and have it revised whenever necessary. During negotiations, you do not need your lawyer to help you out. However, the lawyer is of much help when you need answers to some vital inquiries, like transaction and taxes. The purchase agreement is another vital document in the buying and selling process. You can easily sign a standard form. However, your lawyer will give you a better insight on the details in the form. If you need some changes, you can ask your lawyer to modify the form to show your desires. Real estate transaction can be simple. But you can make it simpler by hiring real estate lawyers in Los Angeles. They can guide you in the process and prevent you from making a decision that you will regret. Contact Gomez and Simone real estate lawyers in Los Angeles today.