Prepare Your Eviction Defense in Los Angeles with Us

GOMEZ LAW, APC April 6, 2018

Eviction is an extremely common real estate issue, and one which many people in Los Angeles will face during their lifetimes. The majority of these people are tenants, but homeowners may also be threatened with eviction by their mortgage holder. If you have received a summons, sometimes called a ‘complaint against Unlawful Detainer’, then you will need to work quickly in order to avoid being evicted from your property. Contact us today for help in mounting an Eviction defense in Los Angeles.

Fighting Eviction

Evictions happen rapidly, and sometimes tenants don’t even realize that they are in danger of being evicted before the locks are changed and their property is thrown out into the street. You may have already been served a notice to quit, which is an official action by your landlord. You may be served with 30, 60 or 90 day notices, and rarely with a 3 day notice. Whatever time period the notice gives you; you should call us today to begin your defense before time runs out.

A Three Day Eviction

Sometimes, landlords may send you a 3-day eviction notice. This usually occurs where you have failed to pay rent, and gives you only three days rent to pay the debt owed in full. If you are not able to do so, then the notice will compel you to move out or suffer further legal action by the landlord. If the owner wants you out quickly, then they can serve you on the fourth day with a notice of Summons and Complaint for Unlawful Detainer. Don’t delay in seeking help if this process has already started.

Act Today and Get Your Eviction Defense in Los Angeles

Regardless of how long your notice gives you to quit, you will have to respond quickly. Once you have been served with the Summons, you will only have five days to complete and file your response. A failure to respond will result in a default, and five days to leave your property. After that, you will be forced by the local Sheriff to leave the property, and it is too late to prevent eviction. Avoid all of these problems by calling our Eviction defense in Los Angeles. You can use our online form to receive contact from us, or call us. We have Spanish speakers, including attorneys, available to help you, so call us now to mount a defense against eviction.