80 Single-Family Homes to Be Built in Porterville, CA

GOMEZ LAW Oct. 11, 2018

A new neighborhood by the name of Cambria is planned to be built on 15 acres of land by partners San Joaquin Valley Homes and Preside Residential Capital. The recently bought farm land is sited in Porterville, California and the residential project would cost over $18 million. 80 single-family garden homes would be scattered all over this plot to offer some respite to families looking for proper accommodation.

The construction of the model home is expected to start in January 2019. This project will offer the perfect opportunity to local residents to live in a beautiful area. The modern-style homes of Cambria will have sizes varying between 1,297 to 1,597 square feet. Residents can also opt for 3-bedroom or 2-bedroom sets with open floor, and their carpet sizes would range from 4,750 to 5,840 square feet. Various rural housing projects and agricultural properties surround this residential complex, enhancing the beauty of the location.

Single-family homes have a local impact when built in typical metro areas. Single-story houses are very much in demand amongst those who are tired of living in high-rise apartments and a busy city life. Interestingly, Catalina, a newly built housing society in Visalia, California boasts of 51 single-family residences meant for serene and peaceful living. Such projects in bulk can certainly help reduce the dearth of affordable housing options in the state.

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