135 Apartments Under Construction at Jordan Downs

GOMEZ LAW Oct. 11, 2018

Public housing in Los Angeles has been going through various changes in the last few months, and the latest project at Jordan Downs in Watts will certainly bring cheer to those seeking good accommodation at affordable rates in the city. Apart from the 135 new apartments, this project also includes a sketch highlighting the future transformation of the site with a larger community space and shops.

The Angelenos in this housing society will have the desired opportunity to enjoy a convenient and easy lifestyle as the redevelopment is planned accordingly. The residences in this site will include one- to five-bedroom sets and they would be built in six different blocks. It is already decided that most of the apartments would be allotted to low-income people; however, the number of units reserved for the current residents is still unknown.

This is a $73-million project and The Michaels Organization is responsible for its expansion. It is also a part of the multi-phase redevelopment plans that are designed for this complex. Once the development is complete in all the phases, the entire compound would boast of 710 new houses and townhouses, almost 9 acres of parking space, and a retail space of approximately 165,000 square feet.

BRIDGE Organization, an NGO, and The Michaels Organization are the masterminds behind the whole redevelopment plan. A half-mile expansion of Century Boulevard is also in the pipeline and it will eventually connect Grape and Alameda streets and act as an important new road in the Jordan Downs area.

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