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Buying or selling real estate property is not something the average person does every day. Real estate transactions involve a number of risks and a complicated set of regulations. The legal side of buying or selling real estate can be confusing for someone who is not familiar with real estate law.

That is why individuals involved in the purchase or sale of residential or commercial property need to reach out to a real estate law attorney to help them secure a deal that works in their favor. The real estate attorneys at Gomez Law, APC, look out for the best interests of their clients, who include first-time homebuyers, sellers, entrepreneurs, investors, landlords, developers, brokers, and agents, among others. With an office in Los Angeles, California, the attorneys at Gomez Law, APC, provide comprehensive real estate services to clients in Glendale, West Covina, Pasadena, and throughout Los Angeles County.

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Real Estate Transactions

Whether you are selling or purchasing real estate, you may need the services of an experienced real estate law attorney to protect your interests and ensure that the transaction goes smoothly. Real estate transactions usually involve a lot of paperwork that needs to be completed, gathered, and filed correctly and in compliance with applicable laws.

Typically, the purchase or sale of real estate property requires the parties to sign a number of contracts, agreements, and other documents. The necessary paperwork may vary from one real estate transaction to another, which is why it’s important to seek legal counsel from an attorney to discuss your unique case.

A knowledgeable attorney will also help parties resolve any disputes that may arise at any stage of the real estate transaction, including a closing. The real estate law attorneys at Gomez Law, APC, help clients in Los Angeles County handle different types of documents during a transaction, including but not limited to:

  • Sale and purchase agreements

  • Title documents

  • Lease documents

  • Mortgage documents

  • Closing documents

An experienced lawyer will help clients achieve an effective and prompt resolution to their legal matters, whether their real estate transaction involves residential or commercial property.

Real Estate Law Services

The skilled real estate law attorneys at Gomez Law, APC, provide clients with the highest level of legal representation in matters related to:

  1. Purchase or sale of real estate. Buyers and sellers often do not understand the nuances of real estate law. Hiring an experienced attorney is key to avoiding legal issues during a transaction.

  2. Gathering of documentation. A key element of any real estate transaction is the preparation of paperwork. A knowledgeable attorney can assist with gathering the necessary documentation to make sure that the deal goes through as planned.

  3. Closings. In real estate law, closing refers to the culmination of a transaction. The closing of a real estate deal can be lengthy and complicated, not to mention the potential for disputes between the parties at the closing.

  4. Deeds. In a real estate transaction, a deed transfers the title of the property from the seller to the buyer. An experienced attorney will help you prepare and review a property deed for the transaction.

  5. Titles. Title issues are one of the most common problems that arise during the sale or purchase of a property. That is why it is necessary for the seller to conduct a title search to determine if the seller has a good and clean title to the sold property.

  6. Mortgages. If the seller has a mortgage against the title to the sold property, a real estate transaction can get even more complicated. A transaction involving a mortgaged property may require the parties to identify potential issues with documentation before they proceed with the sale.

Every real estate transaction is unique. It’s essential to hire a real estate attorney to help you approach your particular situation with understanding and clarity.

The Importance of Legal Advocacy

Having a real estate attorney on your side is critical to ensuring that your transaction proceeds smoothly. The real estate law attorneys at Gomez Law, APC, help clients with all of the following:

  • Negotiating a deal. An attorney will help you negotiate an agreement that is favorable to your interests, whether you are the buyer or seller.

  • Protecting your rights. Real estate attorneys protect the interests of their clients at every step of the transaction.

  • Drafting and reviewing documentation. A typical real estate transaction involves a lot of complex paperwork. That is why the assistance of a detail-oriented lawyer is necessary when drafting and reviewing documentation.

  • Identifying potential issues. A buyer or seller may not be able to anticipate all the potential issues that may arise during a real estate transaction. When they seek the legal counsel of an attorney, they are more likely to identify and resolve any issues during the transaction. 

  • Closing the deal. Real estate attorneys are focused on organizing and overseeing the closing of real estate transactions to ensure that the sale goes through as planned.

Real Estate Law Attorneys in Los Angeles, California

Buying or selling a real estate property can be confusing and overwhelming. That is why it is critical to understand the legal implications of your real estate transaction and ensure that you have complete control from initiating the transaction to closing the deal. The real estate attorneys at Gomez Law, APC, have a deep understanding of the law and the local real estate landscape in Los Angeles, California. Get a case review by reaching out today.