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Facing divorce or palimony issues? Then you need an experienced family law attorney.

Our team of family law attorneys will give you personalized service and help reach a final resolution so you can move on with your life. Our team at Gomez Law, APC will work with you to achieve a marital settlement agreement or help you through mediation to avoid lengthy and expensive court proceedings.

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Family Law Attorneys

CEO Mark Gomez has brought on board a team of dedicated attorneys to fight for our clients’ rights and to protect what matters most to them. Joining him are Senior Attorneys Susan Murphy and James Hornbuckle, along with three Associate Attorneys.

Together with a capable staff at Gomez Law, APC, our attorneys are dedicated to advocating for you and providing you with personalized, stress-free representation. We have the resources and experience to guide you through a divorce or a Murphy Claim for palimony.

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Do You Need a Divorce Attorney?

Get help with division of property and assets.

Emotions can run high when a marriage or relationship breaks up. When there’s property to be divided, it’s always better to agree among yourselves rather than fight it out in court. Let our attorneys help you resolve the issues between the two of you.

Finalizing the Distribution of Assets

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    Mutual Settlement or Mediation?

    Fighting it out over the division of property in court can be costly and stressful. We are here to help you reach an acceptable settlement or help you through the mediation process to do so.

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    Asset Division in Divorce

    California is a community property state, but that doesn’t always result in a literal 50-50 split. Let us help you navigate the complicated legal waters toward a mutually beneficial result.

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    Division Under a Murphy Claim

    California legal precedent permits unwed, cohabitating partners the right to seek property-sharing agreements when the relationship ends. We can help you file what is called a Murphy Claim.

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What You Can Expect from Our Team

Strong Advocacy

Having a knowledgeable legal team in your corner can give you confidence as you plot a course to move forward through some of the most challenging experiences of your life.

Individual Attention

We understand that every situation is different, requiring a personalized strategy. We will work with you to find the path that is best suited to meet your needs and goals.

Clear Communication

We make it a priority to stay in contact with you, answer your questions, and explain all of the different options that are available to you through each step of the process.

Let Us Help You Get Your Life Moving Again

Divorce is always a stressful situation, and without outside help, the partners may end up sharing only acrimony. Instead, make it a time when you can come together on the issues facing your lives as you move forward. We will work with both of you to see if we can reach a settlement to save emotional stress and dollars.