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Gomez Law, APC Core Values

Transparency And Communication Matters. 

Our goal is clear, concise, and ongoing communication with our clients, so they are always aware of where they are with their case. In addition, we value having great internal communications with each other. A team that can communicate well and is responsive to each other will be better prepared and responsive to their clients and the client matters.   

We Care.

We understand that our clients come to us in a time of dire need.  They need someone to represent their interests as if they were our own.  We care for our clients and vigorously advocate for them as we would any family member who needs our services.  Because we care, for us good enough ISN’T. We constantly strive to improve everything we do in every case we handle because we care. 

Our Clients Are Part Of Our Team.

We take a teamwork approach to our representation of clients.  Once we are retained by a client, we become a closely knit team who works together to achieve the end game of every case.  

Honesty Is Always The Best Policy.

Honesty in all areas regarding our interaction with clients and opposing counsel is a must.  Telling half-truths service no one.  We are up front and honest in our dealings with everyone, every day.

We Don’t Make Promises We Can’t Keep.

We know that nothing ruins a lawyer/client relationship more than broken promises.  To make sure we don’t do that, we set realistic and attainable goals at the outset of our engagement with our clients.  By agreeing to represent you, a lawyer is promising to be responsible and accountable for all the success and the mistakes or failures that may come during the handling of a client’s case. We promise that if mistakes are made, we are going to own them, fix them, and get back on mission. 

We Are A Technology Forward Firm That Embraces Change. 

Nothing is so constant as change.  We embrace technology so we can service our clients better, faster, and easier in the 21st century.  Our goal is to make it easier for both our clients and us by using technology that allows secure/encrypted interaction with our clients in all communications. 

We Recognize and Reward Performance. 

We understand that our clients expect results.  We strive every hour of every day to make inroads to achieving those goals.  Our staff is motivated to achieve those goals because we reward and recognize the efforts of all staff members who are pushing themselves and their teammates to achieve the goals of the client.  We appreciate effort, but we reward success.